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Rummaging Through Life #5


“Actor Boris Karloff pictured above birthday cake full of candles re the 150th anniversary of the publication of Frankenstein.”

Date taken: 1968
Photographer: Dmitri Kessel

Rummaging Through Life #3

Ronnie In The Pool
“1940: American actor Ronald Reagan grasps a beach ball in a swimming pool as six female actors wearing swimsuits sit on the edge of the pool, on board the SS America. L-R: 3 unidentified women, Alexis Smith, Marguerite Chapman, and Maria Montez.”

Rummaging Through Life #2

Prospero’s Face
“May 1940: British actor John Gielgud (1904 – 2000) plays Prospero in Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’ at the Old Vic Theatre in London.”

Rummaging Through Life #1

The Life Magazine site certainly qualifies as a visual treasure trove. I think I’ll start mining it a bit.

“Dr Who (Tom Baker) meets one of the monsters from his new series.”

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