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Maria Montez International Airport

A couple weeks ago, I posted caps from Cobra Woman, starring Maria Montez. It has since come to my attention that she has an airport named after her, Maria Montez International Airport, located in Baharona, Dominican Republic. It looks quite nice:


So, y’know, suck on that, John Wayne! All hail King Cobra!


Please To Enjoy… #1

Cobra Woman, 1944 (Siodmak)

This certainly has its following, not least for fans of Maria Montez.  Maria is, I’m led to believe, a minor, esoteric flavor of gay icon.  I’m not sure she’s that compelling, but the film sure is.  Around this time Universal was doing some really lovely technicolor on what must have been a relative shoestring.  The story is a mash-up of The Man in the Iron Mask, She, and Thief of Bagdad.  More pertinently, it is completely wild-ass crazy-eights barking mad.  All Hail King Cobra!


Lon Chaney Jr, deep in thought

Lon Chaney Jr, deep in thought


Lots of rope swinging in this flick

Lots of rope swinging in this flick


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