Iron Chef Television #2

demarest1  ann_b_davis

                 UNCLE CHARLIE              Versus                    ALICE

In Battle: Cream Of Wheat!!


2 Responses to “Iron Chef Television #2”

  1. Sterling says:

    This is positively unfair to Alice. Uncle Charlie is 3/4 of a character, and he is already equipped with a stainless steel coffee pot. Alice, on the other hand, is less than 1/16 of a character, consisting mainly of the lifted-from-stan-laurel expression we see here and the occasional reference to Sam the Butcher. If Sam had been a serial killer, or at least worked in a slaugherhouse, Alice may have had a chance.

  2. Lori says:

    After reading this post, I was IMMEDIATELY motivated to scour craigslist looking for a retired navy chef slash manny. Not too many out there. Guess I’ll set up an an alert. What was this post about anyway?

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