The Bit I Like More Than Maybe I Should #1

Public Enemy (Wellman, 1931)

The bit in Public Enemy I disproportionately like is right at the beginning, with the cast list. It’s an acted out list. I’m a sucker for these, like at the end of The Magnificent Ambersons. This should in no way be my favorite part of the movie, but it just might be.
He’s great, by the way.
She’s lousy, by the way.
Just look at this guy. He has cannon fodder written all over him. He lasts longer than your average nameless Star Trek Ensign Expendable who joins the beam-down party, but he gets it all the same.
Unlike Jean, Joan can act plenty.
Another stiff. No one bothers to shoot him in the movie, as it would be redundant.
What I like is a flamboyantly-dressed gangster with a walking stick named Leslie. Shaking, I am.
“No no, we’re not glorifying them. We would never do that. Bad, bad gangsters! For shame! Alert your neighbors to see this film to help cast shame on this criminal element! And be sure to return to this theater next week to fingerwag at the scandalous feature “Little Caesar”. It’s an abomination! Don’t miss it!!”

2 Responses to “The Bit I Like More Than Maybe I Should #1”

  1. Sterling says:

    Nothing to say about Putty Nose? For shame.

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