An Easter Greeting From The Crimson Executioner


Easter was always the holiest of holidays in the Crimson Executioner’s household.  Growing up in the 16th century, we didn’t have chocolate bunnies or colored eggs, and we certainly didn’t have Peeps.  What we did have was the Eucharist.  Man, Holy Communion never tasted so good as on Easter Sunday!  Perhaps that’s where I got my taste for blood.

At any rate, celebrate the day however you might, be it with Easter Bunnies, church services, or just a secular day of rest.  I wish you all a day of peace.  Personally, I plan on relaxing with some Al Jarreau records while I perform some routine maintenance on the ol’ iron maiden.  Come monday morning, I expect to hit the ground running, flaying flesh and bathing in blood.  Vengeance will be mine once more!  Happy Easter!

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