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Separated At Birth?

samthesnowman charliechan

Sam The Snowman………………… Charlie Chan

The Plot To Bury Burl Ives

That beloved Christmas classic, Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer, is riddled with production errors and inconsistencies, which is part of it’s charm. Here’s a favorite typo from the credits:


Or is it a typo? Is it possible that someone involved in the creation of the credits had nursed and nurtured a growing hatred for the beloved troubador over the course of the production, and wished for him to be “buried”? Over some slight, real or imagined? Is this credit in fact a curse, one that took some thirty years to come to fruition?


Natural causes? Slow, stealthy curse? You decide.

I vote curse!

Black & White Blue Xmas


Trust Louise Brooks to celebrate with wistful thoughts of suicide. Way to project your sadness with choice of tree size, Lulu. Thanks for bringing the room down.

If You’re Not Giving Cigarettes, Perhaps You’d Consider Booze?


…The shirt is red, the toupee is believable…

As Robin Innocently Strings The Bat-Lights…


“Get A Pink Tree, Charlie Brown”

deanna durbin xmastree

Deanna Durbin.

Have A Smoke!

Two of our favorite people here at Rancid Popcorn, Ronald Reagan and Joan Crawford, sure know how to take care of loved ones at Christmastime:

reagan chesterfield

Crawford Luckystrike

A Valentine’s Day Wish From The Crimson Executioner


“Greetings on this special day. Thanks for your time and attention. You know, I’ve killed a lot of people and tortured even more, but I’ve never lost sight of the home truth that torture is not the most important thing in life – love is. So if you have a sweetheart, count yourself lucky. Let him or her know how much they matter, for they do. Let cherishing them be the organizing principle of this day and your life. And remember, my vengeance needs blood!”

Countdown To St. Valentine’s #14

Countdown complete. Happy Valentine’s Day!

A Man And A Woman (Lelouch, 1966)


Countdown To St. Valentine’s #13

The Bride And The Beast (Weiss, 1958)


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