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Records We Don’t Own #4: Emma Peel

The Allies were a local (for me) Seattle band of the early 80s. They got just a sliver of MTV time with this song, Emma Peel. It’s got a great rhythm riff/spy theme, running underneath an expression of loserdom lived in front of the television. A lost pop nugget.


Records We Don’t Own #3


More on the Serge Gainsbourg tip. Serge’s songs for the French TV musical Anna from 1967, starring Anna Karina, Jean-Claude Brialy, Marianne Faithfull, and Serge his own damn self.

Records We Don’t Own #2


Edit: I’m taking off the audio clip that was here because keeping it from auto-launching doesn’t seem to be an option. It’s a lovely tune, but I’d like a break since I’m on this page several times a day. I’ll restore it in a week or so when this post drops off the front page.

Edit 2: Back up!

Records We Don’t Own #1


I’m pretty sure he’s wearing his coat from Horror Express.


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